Policies and Procedures

Upon registering online you will receive an invoice via email for the corresponding deposit or payment. This is due upon receipt and can be paid online. You do not have a reserved place until the invoice is paid. Invoices that are unpaid will be voided after 10 days.

Payment Schedule, Refunds and Cancelations: Intensive 10 Day Classes

  • You must pay a $200 deposit upon registration to reserve a place in class. Upon registering you will receive an invoice via email for your deposit. This can be paid online and is valid for 10 days. Registrations received without a deposit are voided. (Classes may also be paid in full upon registration.)
  • One month from start date, students will receive an invoice for the remaining balance.
  • Payment is due in full two weeks prior to start date.
  • Once classes begin there will be no refunds for students dropping out. Missed days may be made up during another session only with specific permission from instructor.
  • Deposits are refundable up to three weeks before class begins minus a service fee of $25.00. Entire class amounts are refundable minus a service fee of $75.
  • Cancelations within 3 weeks of start date qualify for a full refund minus deposit ($200) and a service fee of $75. ($275 total)
  • Students who are not able to attend class and notify MTA prior to their start date may be eligible to transfer to the next available class at no additional cost. This is based on a case-by-case situation. Once a student has been allowed to transfer to another class, they forfeit any refunds if they are not able to attend.

Payment Schedule, Refunds and Cancelations: Workshops

  • Payment for Workshops is due in full upon registration.
  • Once classes begin there will be no refunds for students dropping out.
  • You may cancel up to 48 hours prior to the workshop and receive a full refund minus a $25 service fee.
    Students must cancel by phone or email in order to receive a refund more than 48 hours prior to the class.

Student Policy

  • Students must conduct themselves in a professional manner and treat their fellow classmates the same. Any student found to be mistreating any other student will be asked to leave and will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Students are expected to be in attendance everyday. Any missed time must be made up to complete course. Students missing more than 7 hours of class will not receive their certificate of completion.
  • Classes begin at 10 and students are expected to be in class and ready to learn at 10 sharp.
  • There will be no concealed guns or weapons of any kind tolerated in the studio. We also have a no drug and no alcohol policy while in class.
  • There is no smoking on the premises, this includes the patio area.
  • Parking may be done on the street or in any of the interior parking garages in the area. These garages are free to visitors.
  • Cell phones need to be put away during class and calls are not permitted. If you need to take or make an important call you may excuse yourself from class.
  • Please keep all drinks and liquids in “kitchen” area.
  • You are expected to clean up after yourself. At the end of day stations need to be straightened and cleaned and trash gathered.
  • The inventory and cleanliness of each kit is your responsibility. Lost or misplaced makeup will not be replaced. You much operate out of the kit you are given.
  • Do not remove or “borrow” anything off of Terri’s station or kit without explicit permission.
  • MTA is not responsible for job placement once you have completed class.
  • The state of Texas offers no licensing or certification for makeup artists. Your certificate of completion may be used for employment applications or professional discounts, however offers you no legal benefits.