Portfolio Build

Duration: 2-day Hands-On Workshop
Fees: $750

One of the biggest hurdles for many makeup artists starting their career is putting together a strong portfolio. A portfolio is an important tool used by artists to show their work to potential clients.  Pictures must be professional, well-lit, properly “finished” representations of not only an artist’s style but the work they want to be doing. Portfolio Build offers a creative environment designed specifically for the purpose of creating images for a makeup artist. Day 1 focuses on understanding, designing, and developing a camera-ready makeup.  Students will focus on designing and creating the look for the shoot while working closely with Terri to develop storyboards and go-by’s. On the day of the photo shoot, you will be guided by Terri and the photographer to make sure your images are strong and marketable for you as an artist.  You will receive a 30% discount on product while in class. Day 2 is the photo shoot. Students receive high-resolution, touched-up images of their work.


Portfolio Build Workshops: 

Portfolio Build: Beauty will allow you to work on 1-2 models and receive a 4 image story.


Class size: max of 4

*Price includes model and photographer fees as well as the cost for producing touched-up high-resolution images.