Mentoring and Business Growth for Makeup Artists at MTA in Dallas, Texas

At Terri Tomlinson Makeup Training Academy (MTA) in Dallas, Texas we want to see our students be successful in their careers. We are also involved in supporting and networking makeup artist community, as a strong community is a strong industry.
Because we want to see you succeed we have added business development modules within our Intensive Courses as well as individual mentoring sessions. Our level 1 and 2 classes contains business discussions on marketing, branding, working on set, assisting, having integrity, and being self-emplyed. Most makeup artists are self-employed and so have to understand the business side of running a business as well as how the industry works. We have also created our Shop Talk Business Forum which meets monthly. Topics in the Shop Talk include taxes and accounting, insurance needs, learning cosmetic ingredients, and setting rates.

Terri works with individual artists as well in mentoring and business growth one-on-one sessions. Terri can help you create a business plan and strategy to meet your career goals, set goals, create marketing plans, develop your portfolio and branding, and be a sounding board for how things work in the industry.

Sessions start at $60 per hour. To set up a time with Terri please email us at

For more information on the makeup training options available at MTA, please call 800.531.5092, or e-mail

Please note: The Makeup Training Academy is located at 15713 Quorum Drive, in Addison, Texas (which is in the Dallas metro area).