Private One-on-One Makeup Training

At Makeup Training Academy, we understand that in order to grow as a makeup artist, you need to be constantly working and practicing your craft. There might be occasions when you need very specialized makeup training, or can’t coordinate your schedule with our makeup training courses or workshops.

For these situations, we offer one-on-one private instruction that is completely tailored to your needs. All private makeup training is developed exclusively for you, based on your specific concerns and areas of interest. Terri also offers business development and mentoring to existing artists. For information on mentoring please contact us directly.

Benefits of Private Makeup Training

  • The agenda is tailored specifically to you and your interests.
  • You can work one-on-one with Terri Tomlinson (owner of the Makeup Training Academy) and a model.
  • The training is intensive, and a lot is covered in a short amount of time.
  • The training can be broken into segments.
  • The training sessions can be tailored to your schedule.

Added Features of One-On-One Makeup Training
All private training and applicable materials at Makeup Training Academy are created by Terri Tomlinson with your needs and career goals in mind.

Suggested Topics for Private Makeup Training

  • adjusting to HD (high definition TV and film)
  • airbrushing
  • highlight and shadow
  • character makeup
  • creating a makeup kit
  • creating a bridal makeup

Fees for Private Makeup Training
$175 per hour is an average for a 2-3 hour long module. (This includes model cost.) Half and full-day training rates are available upon request and range $650-$950 typically. We also do private, customized training for small groups. For more information on this please contact us directly. Terri will create a specific training course for your group based on products used, techniques needed, and artistry experience.

For more information on private makeup training, please call 800.531.5092, or e-mail

Please note: All private training is conducted at The Makeup Training Academy, which is located at 15713 Quorum Drive, in Addison, Texas (which is in the Dallas metro area).