Makeup Training Academy Workshops

Makeup Training Academy Has Great Workshops To Suit All Career Stages

Are you looking to grow your skill as a makeup artist? Are there beauty services that you would like to be able to offer your clients, such as Airbrushing, Highlight and Contour, or Corrective Techniques? Workshops at Terri Tomlinson Makeup Training Academy are a wonderful way to get specialized training in a shortened amount of time. Our workshops focus on new techniques, deeper understanding or skill, and the business side of being a professional makeup artist. Workshops can be taken as “a la carte”, or in addition to our Professional Courses (Level 1-3).

Our workshops offer specialized and unique training opportunities in 1-2 day formats to small groups of makeup artists. All makeup workshops are hands-on with no more than 10 students at a time. This means that you’ll receive a personalized experience and the chance to practice and grow as a professional makeup artist.

MTA owner and instructor Terri Tomlinson brings over 30 years of experience to her students. Terri creates the curriculum for each workshop based on what she sees trending in the industry. Terri has a very hands-on, personally engaging education style and works individually with each student to help them grow as a makeup artist.


This class is a MUST. Changes your entire perspective on color theory. Go! (On MTA’s Color Theory Classes)

Michael DeVellis

The Powder Group

I took so much away from this class, I'm so excited for her to come back again and again again!

April Love

Pro Makeup Academy

One Day Bridal

One Day Bridal

Duration: 7 Hours

Cost: $385

One-day Bridal is a very specialized workshop focused on teaching the application techniques needed to do a beautiful bridal makeup. Good for someone who is comfortable doing makeup and is wanting to expand their abilities. Work on a model in the afternoon.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Saturday, Feb 19, 2022 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Saturday, Mar 12, 2022 10 AM – 6 PM

Location: MTA Dallas
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Virtual Face Shape

Color Match

Color Match helps artists work more proficiently with global skin tones by training
the eye to see and work color in skin. CM focuses on the ability to customize, adjust
and correct color in skin, in brown and in neutral through the use of color theory in
flesh tone. Color Match consists of 10 lessons spanning over 8 hours with an
optional hands-on portion. Comes with a makeup kit that includes The Flesh Tone
Color Wheel®.

Location: Online class

Highlight & Contour

HIghlighting & Contouring

Highlighting and Contouring is used in every makeup an artist creates as a tool for perfecting shape, creating balance, correcting, and implementing a camera-ready makeup. Whether used to accentuate the features or correct them, whether used to create character or narrative, we use highlight and contour in all areas of the face and for all mediums.

Upcoming Dates:

Friday, Mar 11, 2022,
Start Time: 10:00 am

Location: MTA Dallas

Color Theory In Flesh Tone

Color Theory Flesh Tone
Virtual Class

Color Theory in Flesh Tone is a 45 minute 4-lesson class on the basics of color theory and how to use it in skin using The Flesh Tone Color Wheel®. A must have for any working artist in order to understand the importance of color theory in makeup.

Class size: This class is online.

Other Color Theory classes may be available in person. Visit that link for more details.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Virtual Bridal Business + Beauty

Virtual Bridal Business & Beauty

Duration: 7 Hours

Cost: $300

Are you ready to start a makeup business in the wedding industry? Are you a bridal artist that wants to step up your game? Bridal Business + Beauty will help you get there!

This class covers the essentials in building a bridal business from setting rates to building a contract. In the afternoon we focus on what makes a makeup “bridal”, how to create looks for your brides and how to apply those looks.

This class will be done live and virtually via Google Meet. Handouts and the days agenda will be sent via email along with sign-in credentials. 

Upcoming Dates:

Class Dates Pending

Location: Live, online class

Airbrush Basics

Airbrush Basics

Duration: 6 Hour Workshop

Fees: $300

Airbrush technology is an essential part of any professional makeup artists kit. Whether you choose to utilize airbrush for your daily work or not, it is important to at least understand how to use airbrush and have it at your disposal. Airbrush Basics is designed for those that either do not know airbrush technology and technique or who need to develop their skills in order to expand their services.

Overview of Airbrush Basics:

  • Technical aspects of an airbrush system, and usage.
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Understand the pros and cons of various formulations for airbrush and uses
  • Application of foundation, corrector, highlight/shadow, and face color
  • Work with a variety of airbrush makeup products

Added Features: All hands-on training uses silicone based makeup products, however you will learn about all formulations (alcohol, water, and silicone). You will receive a 30% discount on product while in class. Class is limited to 6 students.

Dates and Times

*Schedule Pending   | Location: TBD 

Portfolio Build - Clean Beauty

Portfolio Build - Clean Beauty

Duration: 7.5 hour Workshop

Fees: $300 for Workshop / $800 Workshop + Photo Shoot

Who Should Take Clean Beauty? – Anyone wanting to work more in editorial, commercial and fashion print. Clean beauty is what sells in magazines and having images of clean beauty models in your portfolio is essential. We have 2 options: Day 1 is a clean beauty workshop and Day 2 is a photo shoot with professional models to create clean beauty images for your book.

Class Overview:

  • What is clean beauty?
  • Color theory in flesh tone
  • The no-makeup makeup
  • Creating perfect looking skin
  • Shape and texture as skin
  • From super natural to natural to clean beauty
  • Create 4 clean beauty images for your portfolio with 2 models

The Focus? – We focus on skin and making skin look perfect without looking made-up. Clean beauty is about restraint and an understanding of skin prep, color theory and texture.

The Goal? – To understand the steps of creating clean beauty and create beautiful images for your portfolio. We will be working with professional models and photographer for the photo shoot day.

Due to Covid-19, Class schedule pending

You will receive a 30% discount on makeup product while in class. Class size is limited to 6 for workshop day and 4 for the day of the photoshoot.

All About Eyes

All About Eyes​

Duration: 7.5 hour Workshop

Fees: $350

Who should take All About Eyes? –Anyone doing makeup who wants to have more styles for eyes in their arsenal. Also anyone who wants more practice on creating dramatic eye styles for their clients.

Class Overview:

  • Eye shapes
  • What’s trending in eye makeup
  • Color wash
  • Smoky eye styles
  • Using texture

Who should take All About Eyes? – Anyone doing makeup who wants to have more styles for eyes in their arsenal. Also anyone who wants more practice on creating dramatic eye styles for their clients.

The Focus? – We focus on eyes and how to create a wide variety of styles for any eye shape and client. Also, how to interpret what is fashionable to the everyday eye.

The Goal? – To give artists more eye styles in their arsenal and also an understanding of how any eye shadow style can be adapted to the face they are working on.

Cost: $350 

Dates & Times:

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021

Location: MTA Dallas
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Classes times are 10 AM – 6 PM

One Day Beauty

One Day Beauty

Duration: 7.5 hour Workshop

Fees: $425

Would you like to start learning how to do makeup on someone else but not ready for a more intense class? One Day Beauty is a very intimate workshop focused on teaching the fundamental how-to’s for an everyday makeup. This is a great class for someone who isn’t sure if they want to pursue a career as an artist, but loves makeup and application.

Overview Of Class:

  • Prepping the skin
  • Foundation application, color matching, concealing
  • Facial color and highlight
  • Basic eye, brow, liner, and mascara
  • Work on models

The Focus and the Goal? You will be able to create a full makeup after this one or two-day workshop and will have an opportunity to work on 2 models during the day.

Cost: $425 (includes all makeup material, hand-outs and models)

 Dates & Times

Please bear with us as we adjust our schedules due to Covid19. In the meantime, Click the link below to see our online class options.

Color Theory Review

Color Theory Review

Duration: 1 hour

Fees: $95

Color Theory Review is now Online on our digital platform

CTR gives attendees a 4-lesson video program with visuals on color theory and how to use The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™. We discuss how to see color in flesh tone and how to work the wheel to find foundation, highlight, contour, and makeup colors. There is also a 35-page workbook that can be purchased separately for a deeper leaning experience. Join and receive free content from Terri as well as more color classes coming soon. $95

Shop Talk

Shop Talk

Duration: 1.5 hours
Fees: $30


Shop Talk brings the makeup community together for specialized educational topics that are important for any business. We bring in the experts and give you a chance to meet other makeup artists and network.

This workshop is done virtually via Google Meet. Link and material are emailed upon registration. 

The Focus and the Goal? To give area Artists and opportunity to meet and exchange ideas, tips & strategies to help your career flourish. 

Upcoming Dates & Topics:

Class Dates Pending

Cost: $30 Time: Unless otherwise noted, Shop Talk times will be 11:00 AM-12:30 PM. You will receive a 30% discount on makeup product while in class. 

Frequently Asked Questions About MTA Workshops

The short answer is Yes! No matter whether you are a licensed cosmetologist or just starting out, Makeup Training Academy will teach you the fundamental techniques you need to thrive in the fast paced makeup industry.

Makeup Training Academy requires a deposit to hold your spot in class. The remainder is then due on or before the first day of class. MTA accepts certified checks, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express or cash.

This class meets at the Makeup Training Academy, 15713 Quorum Dr, Addison, TX 75001. A Map Link can be found here. Our telephone is 800-531-5092.

We are not able to offer financial aid however we will allow students to make payments for their class prior to attending. (Class must be paid off before start date and a fee is incurred. Please contact us for details.) Those who have a Pay Pal account may want to explore their ‘Bill Me Later’ financing option.

If you are a working artist with a makeup kit, you are welcome to bring it with you to class. However, please make arrangements prior to starting. At Makeup Training Academy we utilize professional makeup lines as well as Terri’s line “Makeup 101” in order to expose students to high-grade professional products that work in all mediums.

All makeup products utilized in MTA classes and workshops will be professional grade cosmetics or items Terri has discovered in her career and uses. Most applications will feature Terri Tomlinson’s own line ‘Makeup 101’ which was developed in Paris. Other kits may vary depending on the nature of the class or workshop.

No. In Texas, Makeup Artists are not required to be licensed. MTA is geared solely towards providing the skills that a Professional Makeup Artist needs to develop in order to succeed. Our proprietor, Terri Tomlinson, has been a working Makeup Artist for over 30 years with a very distinguished resume. All guest lecturers are also Professional Makeup Artists with lengthy pedigrees as well.

Students receive a certificate of completion for each class taken. Completed classes from MTA enhance your portfolio, includes eligibility for many professional discounts , and helps prepare you for work in the industry.

Since there is no standard licensing regulation for make-up artists in most states, each student will still need to communicate with their respective state authority for information on business licensing if they wish to offer more than freelance Makeup Artistry in the Beauty industry.

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New Guidelines for Studio and Educational Events

Makeup Training Academy

Updated June 1, 2020


The opening of Makeup Training Academy and the resuming of classes will happen in phases as we learn and develop new standards for working closely with our students and customers. Makeup application and in-house training is an intimate practice that cannot be done with social distancing. For this reason we will adding services as we are able to offer them in a safe and secure way.

PHASE 1: Studio open to retail sales, makeup application and lessons

We will be opening the studio for retail operations on June 3, 2020 with the following hours: Wednesday 10-3
Thursday 10-3
Friday 10-3
Every other Saturday 10-2 (starting 6/06) and by appointment. 
*Please contact us if you would like to come in at a time outside our new hours. Appointments can be made online at this link or by phone or email. Clients will be seen 1 at-a-time. (See below for contact information.)

PHASE 2: We will begin offering short workshops and demo-style classes mid-July with our first offering on July 22, 2020.

Workshops will be at 50% capacity and require social distance when possible. All students are required to wear a mask while in studio and working. July classes:
Color Theory in Flesh Tone – July 22
Highlight/Contour Basics – July 24
Clean Beauty Portfolio Build – July 29-30
*Please visit for details, costs and registration.

PHASE 3: Classes will resume August 14, 2020

In August baring no setbacks, we will resume our normal schedule. Class size will be reduced, however more options will be offered. Although we provide student kits for classes, all artists attending classes at Makeup Training Academy will be required to bring a Sanitation Kit. Details on this kit will be sent to all who register. Our August classes:
Level 1 3-Day Course – August 14-16
Color Theory in Flesh Tone – August 19
All About Eyes – August 21
Level 2 3-Day Course August 25
As we work together to provide a safe and effective environment for all who attend Makeup Training Academy, we will be following our Guideline Protocol which will include the following:
  1. Anyone entering the space will be asked to wear a mask. If you do not have a mask one will be provided. A mask is to be worn at all times and taken off only if having makeup applied.
  2. All surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected between clients.
  3. Clients, students and models will be temperature screened upon entering.
  4. Anyone who feels sick, not themselves, feverish or has any cold/flu symptoms is asked to stay at home. As well, anyone who has knowingly been in contact with someone who is sick is asked to stay at home.
  5. Hands will be washed and sanitized A LOT!!!!!!!
  6. Social distancing will be practiced as much as allowed.
The Guideline Protocol as well as any important details will be sent upon registering. Thank you,
Terri Tomlinson
Makeup Training Academy
15713 Quorum Dr, Addison TX 75001
800-531-5092 /