About The Makeup Training Academy

Terri Tomlinson, the founder of Makeup Training Academy, started the school with a mission to empower and mentor students and working makeup artists. Terri believes that it is important to teach the highest-caliber, and most up-to-date makeup techniques available. Terri has literally “Reinvented The Wheel” with her trademarked Color Wheel, and has adapted this modern, exciting approach to her teaching methods. Having had successfully taught the art and business of makeup for many years, Terri and MTA have an alumni that includes hundreds of successful make-up artists. Under Terri’s tutelage, many MTA students have worked on local & national print ads, television & film, fashion & videos along with establishing successful careers as independent MUAs.

Makeup Training Academy provides numerous hands-on makeup artistry classes & workshops in Dallas, and around the country. Terri’s goal is to help her students reach a greater level of professional development that will take their skills to the next level. All classes & workshops are led by Terri and other industry leaders who take time out of their busy schedules to teach techniques focused on beauty makeup, editorial, HD and the beauty industry.

Mission & Philosophy
MTA believes that teaching must include more than lecture and demos. Students must get the opportunity to learn by doing, to apply this knowledge under the direct supervision of a skilled instructor for a true hands-on experience. For these reasons, Terri limits the size of each class. This ensures there is always ample materials, insight, time and personalized instruction available to students.

Terri loves working with students and helping train the industry’s next leaders. By providing quality instruction and encouraging the continuous search for knowledge and growth, Makeup Training Academy helps set the stage for excellence. MTA students not only learn the technical skills to thrive in the beauty industry, but also achieve sustainability.

Terri Tomlinson and Makeup Training Academy is a recognized national leader among Makeup Artists and is a sought-after speaker at beauty symposiums nationwide.

MTA also assists students and alumni with opportunities and education to plan, promote and prepare their careers in the beauty industry. Upon completion of any of our course-work, students become part of the Makeup Training Academy “Community”, which offers a platform for events, job opportunities, advanced education, internships, and networking.

Our artists have secured opportunities and careers in the make-up industry. Many work in management and artistry positions for brands such as Chanel, MAC and Sephora. Others are freelance business owners in bridal and studio settings. As they continue building experience and develop their networks, many work with celebrity clientele, on television and in film.

More About Terri Tomlinson

Terri Tomlinson

Makeup Artist, Educator

Terri Tomlinson is a working makeup artist, global educator and creator of The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™. She has worked in the beauty and production industries for 30 years and opened Makeup Training Academy in 2010. Terri currently travels the world teaching her new method of color theory in neutrals, works with cosmetic brands on color development and trains professional makeup artists.

Her mission is for The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™ and color theory in neutral to be the standard by which all makeup artists learn and work with color theory.

As a working makeup artist, Terri began her career working with lines like Bobbi Brown and Prescriptives. Later after studying makeup for camera at MUD she began working in the production industry. There she created super natural camera ready makeup for all mediums, focusing on HD and commercial print.

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