Become A Makeup Artist for Salons and Spas

Salons are beginning to employ in-house makeup artists more and more as the bridal and special event makeup industry grows. Salons and spas are able to bring in wedding parties and handle all of their needs, including esthetics, nails, and massage. Offering makeup as well makes sense! To work as an artist in a salon, you will need to have a cosmetology or esthetics license as all salons and spas in Texas are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Each state is different however so make sure to research your area.

A Typical Work Day For A Makeup Artist in a Salon
As a Makeup Artist in a salon you will most likely be working as a contractor. You might either be booked only at appointment times or asked to cover the salon during busy times. When you have a booking you will be paid by the service and come and go when you have appointments. If you are required to be at the salon during busy times you will most likely be paid hourly. You will work with wedding parties and clients who have special occasions.

Pay Rates
Typically, per-service rates can range in a salon from $50-$100 and hourly pay can range from $15-$30.

Insights Into the Salon and Spa Industry
Here are a few insider tips for working as a makeup artist in the bridal and wedding industry:

  • Freelance artists in salons and spas will most likely be using lines that are carried by the facility.
  • Having an esthetic license will make an artist much more marketable within the salon or spa.
  • To succeed as a makeup artist in a salon or spa, it’s important to build a clientele from the people that come in for their hair, as that is where most clients originate from.
  • Although you are freelance, the salon or spa will be booking your clients and therefore you will be making a portion of what the salon or spa is charging.
  • Because salons and spas are bringing clients to you, this may be a good place to start as an artist as you build your own business.

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