Become A Makeup Artist for Photography and Print Ads

Think of all of the professional photographs you see in a day, in magazines and newspapers, on the web and in books, on billboards and bus benches. Now remember that with almost all of the photographs you look at, across all types of media, there was a makeup artist working behind the scenes, creating the perfect “look.”

A Typical Work Day For A Photography Makeup Artist

A freelance makeup artist works with the producer or photographer on details of the shoot prior to the shoot. On the day of the photography shoot, the makeup artist arrives first to set up, gets the talent (models) ready for the shoot, and then works on-set to maintain the makeup and make sure that everything looks good on camera.

Pay Rates

Typically, makeup artists for photography and print are paid a half-day or full-day rate for their work in print. A “day” can be 8-10 hours. The hourly rate varies, but generally ranges from $75-$150 per hour for lead makeup artists, depending on experience and expertise. Assistant makeup artists can make $40-$75 per hour. Half and full-day rates are a percentage of your hourly multiplied by either 4 or 8, typically.

Insights Into the Photography and Print Ad Industry

Here are a few insider tips for working as a makeup artist in the photography and print ad industry:

  • Photo shoots are usually produced by photographers, so they’re the ones who decide which makeup artists to hire.
  • Makeup artists are an integral part of the crew, so on-set etiquette (which you’ll learn at MTA, as part of our Level I and Level II makeup training courses) is critical.
  • If you’re an assistant makeup artist on a shoot, it’s unethical to hand out business cards. You’re not there to promote your business; instead, you’re there to help the makeup artist who hired you look their best!

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