Become A Makeup Artist for Brides and Weddings

Thousands of weddings take place in the Dallas area each year, with hundreds of thousands taking place across the country. For most of those weddings, a makeup artist is hired to take care of makeup for the bride, as well as the bridesmaids, flower girls, and mothers of the bride and groom.

A Typical Work Day For A Bride and Wedding Makeup Artist

The day of the ceremony, a wedding makeup artist can work with the bride and her attendants in a home setting, at a hotel, in a salon*, or any other location the bride might choose. Depending on how many people in the wedding party need makeup, the time involved can range from 2-8 hours. Prior to the wedding day most makeup artists have participated in a “practice” run and meeting, to set the look, verify the job, and go over any contract details.

Pay Rates

Typically, wedding makeup artists are paid for the number of women and girls in the wedding party who would like to have their makeup done. Rates range from $75-250 per person for makeup.

Insights Into the Bridal and Wedding Industry

Here are a few insider tips for working as a makeup artist in the bridal and wedding industry:

  • Freelance wedding makeup artists can be hired by salons, wedding planners, wedding photographers, or brides.
  • Weddings, particularly large weddings, can be complicated affairs, which can stress out brides, bridesmaids, and family members. To succeed as a makeup artist, it’s important to have not only excellent makeup artistry talent, but also great patience and people skills.
  • Wedding season in Texas now runs March to October and a good artist can stay busy year round. However because you’ll have busy and slow times, you’ll need to be skilled at budgeting your time and money if you want to make a living as a wedding makeup artist.

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