Blush & Color For Skin

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Adding Blush & Color To Skin

Makeup Tips From Terri Tomlinson

A lot of times all you need to balance out your makeup, you need more cheek color. So how do you know what works for you? In this video from Terri Tomlinson, she shares ideas you can use.

Terri highlights the use cream to add color to the cheeks. They have a more skin like texture and they’re not so powdery and flat. These creams are beautiful in the sunlight and they’re easy to apply. If you’re afraid of creams adding too much color, you can simply apply it with a sponge. Natural pinks work well; especially just below the contour of the cheek.

Once you get your cheek color in, another way to get some color in your face is to use a bronzer. With the bronzer you can use either a large or small brush to apply it. You want to kind of start it on the edge of the face and work it down on the outer lines like around the edge of the forehead down to the nose.

I think it’s important that you use products, especially in the summer, that aren’t going to melt away on you and that are going to look really natural and fresh and so that’s why I move into creams.

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