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We’ve reinvented the wheel. Check out the new innovative way MTA approaches color!

Makeup Training Academy

Welcome to the most established makeup school in Dallas.


Makeup Artist Workshops

We have classes and workshops for all levels!


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Need one-on-one private makeup artist training? Contact Us.

Professional Makeup Training

Become a professional makeup artist! Classes are taught by industry leader, Terri Tomlinson,  a professional working artist with over 30 years of experience.

Workshops & Classes

Are you looking to grow your skills as a makeup artist? We offer hands-on workshops and classes for all experience levels covering topics like Color Theory, Airbrushing, Highlighting & Contouring.

Private One-On-One Training

We offer one-on-one private instruction that is completely tailored to your needs. Terri also offers business development and mentoring to existing artists.

I have really enjoyed my time here at MTA. Coming in I didn’t really know what to expect or if I would really gain the skills I needed but I learned even more than I expected! I had a blast. It was so fun and the other students taking the class were amazing. Terri is a really great teacher who wants her students to do well and succeed in their careers.

Makeup Training Academy Student - Level 1 Complete Beauty Makeup

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