See what others are saying about Makeup Training Academy


“I attended Terri’s Level 1 makeup training class in April of 2012. The class was held at a studio near Downtown Dallas that was very big, spacious and had appropriate lighting for the class. There were 2 other students attending the class with me. I was completely overjoyed with the course. Terri started off with the basic hygiene and color theory. Then we got into technique and application. I learned many new skills and we were taught how to do clean makeup which is very important as a makeup artist. Terri taught us how to analyze facial features and create beautiful work by explaining the importance of balance and what the focal point of the face should be. It gave me a whole new appreciation for makeup artistry and I was challenged by Terri to not be scared to try and create something new. I can’t wait to attend her Level 2 class, I couldn’t be happier to have learned from Terri and I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to become a professional artist to attend the Makeup Training Academy.

These 2 weeks have been so much fun! It has forced me to stretch my brain and really understand makeup application.

I walked into class with no makeup knowledge and have learned technique, hygiene, and color theory. I feel more confident in my basic skills.

The most important things I learned at MTA was practicing good hygiene at all times and knowing that makeup is an art and craft based on light theory and color theory. I believe the Level 1 course needs no improvement. The curriculum is clear and concise and the actual makeup application hours are outstanding for a 10 day class.

I’ve loved being a student at MTA. Terri is a great teacher and a wonderful person to be around. My money and time have been very well spent.

I have really enjoyed my time here at MTA. Coming in I didn’t really know what to expect or if I would really gain the skills I needed but I learned even more than I expected! I had a blast. It was so fun and the other students taking the class were amazing. Terri is a really great teacher who wants her students to do well and succeed in their careers.”

(From a photographer after Terri recommended a student for a job) – “I just got home from my big long trip and wanted to send you a big Thank You for referring A***. She is a super sweet girl and did a great job. You trained her well!!! My client really liked her work as well.”