The Flesh Tone Color Wheel and Color Theory Class

The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™ and Color Theory Class

Terri Tomlinson launched The Flesh Tone Color Wheel ™ on June 1, 2017 to the world as well as an innovative color theory class. The Flesh Tone Color Wheel is a one-of-a-kind teaching tool and guide created by Terri, to see color in skin as well as correction, highlight, contour, analogous and complimentary colors for eyes, cheeks, and lips.

In conjunction with the wheel Terri has launched a Color Theory class with multiple formats, including a live online video class. Please see below for details as well as registration. With these classes and The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™ a new conversation about how makeup artists use color is sweeping the industry. Makeup artists should never question the colors they use. By understanding why a color is chosen and what it will do, an artist is able to elevate their skill and creativity. For information about the retailing the wheel or having Terri come teach at your facility please visit The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™. Terri has recently created a Facebook Group “The Flesh Tone Color Wheel” for questions and discussions on color theory in skin. Join the Color Theory Revolution!

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*To register for any of our Color Theory classes, please fill out the form below. You will be emailed an invoice for the classes which is due upon receipt as well as a confirmation.

Color Theory Class

Color Theory 1 is a 2 1/2 hour demo and mini hands-on class that introduces Color Theory with The Flesh Tone Color Wheel. Revisit the rules of Color Theory in flesh tone and how to see color in skin as well as use the wheel to determine highlight, contour, and correction. See how using Color Theory makes you a stronger artist and can affect all of your color choices and practice working with color.  This class is open to anyone who works with color including the consumer.  Cost: $150. Includes The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™ and a CT palette. Class size 8-15.

Dates and Times:
May 24 @ 6pm /

Color Theory 2 is an intense 4-hour hands-on class that allows students to practice and work with Color Theory and using The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™. Learn to manipulate color for correction, highlight, shadow, and all makeup using the rules of Color Theory and the wheel as a guide. This class is most rewarding for those who have taken CT1 or who have a good understanding of Color Theory. Cost: $200. Class size 4-6.

Dates and Times:
Please contact us if you are interested in this class.

CT Remote: Join Terri via Google Hangouts for a 1-hour overview of Color Theory and working with The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™. This is a revisit to the rules of color and applying them to the wheel. This is an excellent class for those that live out of town and are new to Color Theory. Cost: $30

Dates and Time:
February 10 @ 10 / March 2 @ 3pm / March 30 @ 11:00 / May 12 @ 11am / May 24 @ 3pm

*If you are out of the country and need a specific time, or have a group that would like to participate please email us. We are happy to schedule you for a private session.

Color Theory Class Registration

Color Theory Class Registration